Aura Vinyl Academy Network

Unlock the Potential of Vinyl Wrap Classes with Our Exclusive Program

Are you a shop owner passionate about vinyl wrap craftsmanship? Are you looking to expand your business while tapping into the lucrative world of vinyl wrap classes? Look no further! Aura Vinyl Academy Network is here to empower you on your journey to success.

About Aura Vinyl Academy Network:

Aura Vinyl Academy Network is a revolutionary program designed to support shop owners like you in offering top-notch vinyl wrap classes. By becoming a part of our network, you gain access to an array of resources and benefits that will elevate your business to new heights.

Our Proven Program Structure:

  1. Momentum Subscription - $350/month: The journey begins with our Momentum subscription. Gain access to our advanced customer management CRM, pre-loaded with effective sales techniques customized for your classes. This powerful tool goes beyond class management, helping you grow your wrap business like never before. Learn more about Momentum at

  2. Aura Network Academy Fee - $150/month: Joining Aura Vinyl Academy Network grants you access to our exclusive Aura Network Academy. Here, you'll discover a wealth of knowledge, training, and best practices tailored to enhance your vinyl wrap classes. With our support, you'll refine your teaching skills and create a seamless learning experience for your students. We provide a class curriculum that you may modify

  3. Ad Editing and Campaign Management: Let us handle the heavy lifting when it comes to advertising. Participating shops provide the footage for their local market ad, and we take care of the editing process. We'll run the ads on various platforms, targeting your ideal audience and generating quality leads. These leads will be fed directly into your Momentum account, ensuring you can promptly respond and book class students.

  4. Pricing Template for Success: Boost your earnings with our pricing template, a tried-and-tested strategy that has led to an average of $10,000 per month in class bookings. While you maintain the flexibility to set your pricing, our template serves as a valuable guide to maximize your revenue potential.

  5. Cost-Effective Class Supplies: We offer tool kits, including pouches, blades, squeegees, tuck tools, snitty, and gloves, at just $20 per kit. Additionally, you can purchase up to 4 rolls of vinyl wrap per month at an exclusive 40% discount for class use only. These cost-effective supplies ensure you have everything you need to run successful classes.

What are the steps?

  1. Sign Up for Momentum: Join Aura Vinyl Academy Network with a Momentum account, our powerful CRM equipped with sales techniques for your classes and business growth.

  2. Film Your Ad: Follow our provided script to create an engaging ad tailored to your local market.

  3. Provide Us the Footage: Share your ad footage with us for professional editing that aligns with the Aura Vinyl brand.

  4. Choose Your Ad Budget: Select a Facebook/Instagram ad budget. We currently spend $600/mo, delivering $10,000/mo in class bookings for our shops.

  5. We Run Your Ads and Set Up Momentum: Sit back as we manage your ads and set up your Momentum account for seamless student bookings.

Extra benefits for shops

  1. Momentum CRM - Unmatched Value: Access our exclusive Momentum CRM, a powerful tool to optimize class bookings and streamline your wrap business, with a value comparable to products costing over $1000/mo.

  2. Free Aura Vinyl Shop Flag: Receive a complimentary Aura Vinyl shop flag to proudly showcase your official affiliation.

  3. Listing on the Wrap Academy Page: Gain visibility and endorsement by being prominently listed on our Wrap Academy page as an official location.

Ready to get started?

Join our Discord and let us know in the #professionals channel.