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Every customer who purchases a roll of our vinyl automatically gets an invite to our Discord server with access to our team of expert installers who can help you with your install in real time.

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Text Our Customer Service

For customer service questions such as order information or warranty, text us directly at (714) 597-6810 or email

Our address is 699 S State College Blvd Unit H, Fullerton, CA 92831

We do not accept returns/exchanges unless we have made a mistake or if there is a warranted issue. All sales are final. Any customer is able to request a free swatch chip to confirm color prior to making their purchase. Claims must be started within 7 days of receiving the order. Exchanges are granted only in the case of an accepted warranty claim. We require the email of photos and/or the return of defective material in order to validate a warranty claim.

Wrap Shops + Wholesale Pricing

If you are a wrap shop, fill out this form to get access to wholesale pricing and an invite to a private channel on our Discord server where we offer additional support in terms of business growth and management.

All wrap shops get a free customized 3D website with your logo for your customers to explore our collection.

Vinyl Wrap Classes

Looking to become a professional vinyl wrap installer or start your own business? Our wrap classes in Southern California teach you everything you need to know, from the latest techniques and tools, to client communication and project management. But that's not all - we also focus on marketing skills to help you get work right away. Learn how to promote your brand, attract new clients, and grow your business with our expert instructors. Join our wrap classes today and take the first step towards a successful career in the vinyl wrap industry.


We warranty against visual defects (meaning the look of the vinyl) and adhesive defects that are apparent prior or during installation. We will replace any film that prematurely discolors prior to 2 years from the purchase date for vinyl and 6 years for Hyper PPF as long as care instructions are followed. Proof of ceramic coating is required for warranty coverage.

The customer is required to cease use if a defect is present during installation. Please refer to our legal page for more information.

Labor costs related to (but not limited to) install, removal, or lifting clear coat/paint will not be covered under the warranty. Any material damaged after installation through a collision or normal road use is not covered. We are not responsible for installation workmanship issues. If the vinyl has lifting, peeling, or bubbling that did not appear until the after the installation was completed it is most likely due to improper installation. We provide text and video instructions as well as live help to try and ensure the installation is successful. If you or your installer is having difficulty or believe there is an issue you must contact us before continuing the installation.

Discoloration or lack of adhesion caused by application directly to body filler, rust, or other unpainted surfaces is not warrantable.

The most common cause of premature vinyl wear is improper maintenance. Soaps found in car washes are often too acidic for vinyl and cause a break down of the UV protective coating. In order to validate a warranty claim for discoloration, proof of care must be provided in the form of purchase history of vinyl safe car wash and proof of ceramic coating.

Shipping Issues

We ship with reputable logistics services, specifically USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Once they receive the package for transit they are responsible for its delivery. Although we understand the frustration it can cause, we are not responsible for delays in transit.

If your package is shown as delivered by the carrier but you did not receive it, you will need to file a claim with the carrier. Once the carrier accepts responsibility for the lost package we will ship a replacement. If you need an immediate replacement we can work with you to place another order that will be refunded as soon as the carrier accepts the claim.