Frequently Asked Questions

We value transparency and aim to give our customers all the information they need for a successful install. 

Why is Aura different?

Prior to launching Aura, we started a wrap shop and spent a year using all types of vinyl to find what works and what doesn't. We invested in R&D, comparing the exact same color from different factories and finding the right partners in manufacturing that would allow us to tweak parameters for the best possible installation.

Why is Aura better?

In short it comes down to two things. The first is the cast polymer blend used in the vinyl. It has more atoms in the chains of molecules allowing the vinyl to be more flexible and easier to work with. The second is the quality of the adhesive, which is made in Germany. This means application is easier because the vinyl has better pliability and adhesive compared to other brands so it can be repositioned easier with less glue lines.

In many of the other brands we researched, the lack of flexibility and less than stellar adhesive meant that aside from a harder installation, the vinyl failed far more often.

What manufacturing process is used?

Aura utilizes a unique hybrid manufacturing process and we're sure you'll be impressed with the flexibility and conformability. We use polymers typically used in a cast film and roll it on calendars. This gives the best of both worlds: a film that is easy to work with and an extremely impressive finish. We're pushing the boundaries in terms of color selection, finish, longevity, and feel.

What is it comparable to?

Customers who had previously used calendared material have given us extremely positive feedback about how our hybrid film is much easier to use than calendared films while having a much better finish than cast film. If you've only used cast film, you will need to make a few minor adjustments to technique (specifically not overstretching the film) which we cover in our provided instructions. Using our Tack Reducer solution will give you a more familiar adhesive feel. We also provide live support and guidance on Discord. 

What do customers have to say about it?

We've received extremely positive feedback from our customers. You can read testimonials here. You can also join our Discord and ask our community directly.

Where is Aura located?

Aura Vinyl is staffed and distributed from a large warehouse/shop in Huntington Beach, California. Our factory is in Hong Kong.

Where will my order ship from?

If we have the roll in Huntington Beach, you will see multiple shipping options at check out including local pick up, 2 day, and next day. If not, it will be a special order that ships from our Hong Kong warehouse with the fastest possible international shipping which takes about 3-5 business days to arrive. Special orders placed on Thursday/Friday ship on Sunday/Monday.

Whether domestic or international shipping, there can be situations such as weather or other delays from FedEx/UPS/USPS that are outside of our control. Our official shipping policy is orders may take up to 10 business days to arrive. 

Most customers orders are received, on average, about 7 calendar days from when they are placed.

PPF is produced in smaller batches but more frequently than vinyl. It may take a few days for your order to be ready to ship if it is in production at the time of ordering.

How long will it last?

The main factor concerning durability is exposure to the sun. If you are able to store your vehicle out of the sun, it will last longer. We also recommend ceramic coating the finished install to block against harmful UV rays.

We expect well maintained vinyl that is washed at least twice per month with vinyl safe care products, is not constantly exposed to the sun, and has been ceramic coated to last 3-5 years. Please refer to our care instructions.

While the above still applies, Hyper PPF has an expected lifespan of 6-10 years.

What is the warranty?

We warranty against visual defects (meaning the look of the vinyl) and adhesive defects that are apparent prior or during installation. We will replace any film that prematurely discolors prior to 2 years from the purchase date for vinyl and 6 years for Hyper PPF as long as care instructions are followed. We may require a sample of the film to test.

The customer is required to cease use if a defect is present during installation. Replacement after complete installation is up to our discretion.

Labor costs related to (but not limited to) install, removal, or lifting clear coat/paint will not be covered under the warranty. Any material damaged after installation through a collision or normal road use is not covered. Vehicles with old paint, body damage, exposed body filler, poor factory paint, or repainted surfaces may have issues during installation or removal due to the poor bond between the paint and the body.

How can I make my wrap last as long as possible?

Read and save our Care Instructions page.

Do you teach classes?

Yes we do! Read our Wrap Academy page.