Long Term Care

The best way to make a wrap last as long as possible is to avoid long term UV exposure, contaminants, and harsh chemicals.

To prevent long term UV exposure, apply a ceramic coating prior to the wrap ever seeing the sun. We have designed a ceramic coating product specifically for Aura vinyl that will give two years of protection to reduce UV exposure and make the surface hydrophobic which will make it less likely for contaminants to stick.

In most areas, you'll need to wash your wrapped vehicle at least once every two weeks in order to prevent dirt from saturating edges and to remove corrosive contaminants such as bird droppings.

You must be careful about what types of chemicals get on your wrap. It worse to never wash the vehicle than to wash regularly with damaging products. Never go through a drive through car wash not only because it can scratch or rip the wrap but the chemicals used in the soap/wax mixture can deteriorate the vinyl. Never use carnauba oil/wax, solvents, tire shine, or household cleaning products on vinyl. 

Soap found in car wash bays usually has carnauba wax in it and should be avoided. Carnauba wax will deteriorate the UV protective coating and cause irreversible brown spots. Quick detailers contain wax. You should always opt for ceramic or graphene detailer spray instead of the traditional quick detailer with wax.

It is your responsibility to check the ingredients of the soap you are using to ensure it does not contain carnauba/any other wax or UV absorbers.

We recommend hand washing shampoo made specifically for vinyl (at least every other week) and wiping down with a ceramic coating enhancement spray once a month. Don't apply cleaning products to the wrap when in direct sunlight. 

While there are many cheaper options available it is preferable to use shampoo made for vinyl as it contains ingredients such as coconut oil to hydrate vinyl. DO NOT USE "CHEMICAL GUYS" PRODUCTS. They have a number of products branded as "vinyl safe" but contain carnauba wax. We recommend against Meguiar's products due to potential confusion regarding wax content and their use of UV absorbers that convert UV into heat, causing vinyl to eventually burn in certian climates. We recommend using either Aura shampoo, Stealth, or AutoSauce.

If you don't have a garage, an inexpensive car cover is a cheap and easy way to reduce the amount of direct sun exposure when parked.

Remember: exposure to high UV index, air pollution, and other contaminants is the main enemy of your wrap because it will dry out the vinyl and cause discoloration and eventually cracking. If your vehicle is in the sun more 60% or more of its life you need to ceramic coat it, wash with vinyl safe shampoo and use ceramic enhancement spray weekly in order to hydrate and prolong the life of the vinyl. If you live in a desert climate this is essential. 

If your vehicle is going to be at a body shop for a long period of time, it is unfortunately common for wraps to be ruined due to the dust and chemicals in the air which are then baked into the wrap by the sun over the course of a few months. We recommend providing the body shop a car cover to put over the car while it waits.