Long Term Care

The best way to make a wrap last as long as possible is to avoid long term UV exposure, contaminants, and harsh chemicals.

To prevent long term UV exposure, apply a ceramic coating prior to the wrap ever seeing the sun. We have designed a ceramic coating product specifically for Aura vinyl that will give two years of protection and block both UV rays as well as make the surface hydrophobic which will make it less likely for contaminants to stick.

You'll need to wash your wrapped vehicle at least once every two weeks in order to prevent dirt from saturating edges and to remove corrosive contaminants such as bird droppings.

Finally, you'll want to be very careful about what types of chemicals get on your wrap. Never go through a drive through car wash not only because it can scratch or rip the wrap but the chemicals used in the soap/wax, along with solvents in tire shines, can eat away at the protective laminate of the wrap.

We recommend hand washing with WrapFresh car wash shampoo made specifically for vinyl (at least every other week) and wiping down with a ceramic coating enhancement spray once a month.

If you don't have a garage, an inexpensive car cover is a cheap and easy way to reduce the amount of direct sun exposure when parked.