Embrace the future of automotive film with Hyper PPF. Our innovative Paint Protection Film redefines ease of installation – a dry application process that's similar to traditional vinyl. Boasting a remarkable 6-year warranty, Hyper PPF promises a resilient lifespan of 6-10 years, ensuring long-lasting protection and unparalleled peace of mind for your vehicle.

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Easy Dry Installation

Unlike other PPF products that typically require a complicated wet installation, our Hyper PPF offers the advantage of being installed completely dry, which can make the process as easy as vinyl.

More Protection, Less Headache

The molecular structure of our Hyper PPF is composed of TPU, which provides exceptional flexibility. It surpasses considerably thicker films in impact and puncture tests. As a result, the film's flexibility and conformability are greatly enhanced, making installation much easier.

World Beating Finish

Aura is widely recognized for its remarkable vinyl finishes, with our Hyper Gloss finish taking it a step further, effectively disguising flaws on the surface below to create a flawless glass-like gloss appearance.

Next Generation Technology

Hyper PPF sets a new standard in automotive film. At just 4MIL thick, its TPU structure offers robust protection in a slender profile. Its low-tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive ensures easy installation, while the hydrophobic self-healing top coat extends durability. Perfect for safeguarding your vehicle with simplicity and effectiveness.

TPU: The Key Ingredient

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), unlike PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride found in standard vinyl), is a highly flexible material that can effectively absorb impacts for maximum protection. Its durability allows for a lifespan of 6-10 years with proper care, and it also comes with a 6-year warranty.


Is Hyper PPF dry install?

With a dry installation method, Hyper PPF eliminates the need for messy application liquids. Our panel prep solution (free with each roll) evaporates prior to applying the film, ensuring a clean and smooth surface. You can then install the film dry, similar to vinyl.

Can it be installed wet?

If you prefer a traditional PPF installation, it can be installed wet. A soapy slip solution is not necessary, water alone will work.

How is it for beginners?

While significantly easier for a beginner to install compared to wet install PPF, there are factors to be aware of. PPF has a mirror-like finish and glue lines can occur without strong installation technique. Inexperience with cutting can lead to mistakes. We recommend at least intermediate vinyl installation experience for Hyper PPF.

How much protection does it offer?

Hyper PPF exceeds the impact and puncture resistant performance of competing dry install PPF. It is extremely resistant to rock chips and debris impacts.

Is it self-healing?

Hyper PPF has a self-healing hydrophobic topcoat comparable to competing dry install PPF. If the scratch is deeper than the top coat the panel will need to be replaced. If self-healing is your #1 priority, consider traditional wet install clear bra.

The film self heals on its own at ambient room temperatures in about 1 hour.

To speed up the healing process, you may expose the vehicle to direct sunlight, apply hot water to the area, or utilize a heat gun on low heat. Remember to exercise caution when using a heat gun near the film to avoid melting the top coat, especially with a high heat setting.

Can I put ceramic coating on top?

You absolutely can. Although Hyper PPF is already UV resistant with hydrophobic properties, we make a ceramic coating specifically for our films that will take it to the next level and maximize lifespan.

How should I care for my PPF wrap?

Follow the same instructions as caring for a vinyl wrap. We have a detailed guide here.

What is the warranty?

If properly cared for, Hyper PPF will last 6-10 years (depending on environmental factors such as UV-index and air pollution) and comes with a 6-year warranty.

How is it different to vinyl wrap?

Hyper PPF is constructed with TPU, whereas standard vinyl wrap is constructed using PVC. PVC is a type of rigid plastic that necessitates the inclusion of plasticizers in order to achieve flexibility, whereas TPU possesses inherent flexibility. Due to its stretchiness, TPU has the capability of absorbing impacts, and it also has a longer degradation time, resulting in a longer-lasting film.

If you are deciding between PPF and Vinyl, consider the condition of your vehicle and how long you wish to keep the same color.

Can I use tack reducer?

No, do not use tack reducer with Hyper PPF. We provide a PPF Panel Prep solution to be used instead.

Are there installation instructions?

Please read the PPF Installation Tips page.

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