PPF Installation Tips

Hyper PPF installs like vinyl wrap and the information on the Installation Tips is your starting point. This page adds additional information specific to Hyper PPF. 


The minimum amount that can be ordered is the full 56ft standard roll. When ordering, you are able to add an additional half roll cut to the standard sized roll. We recommend ordering more than you need in order to ensure you have extra for mistakes and repairs in the future. As with all colored films, material ordered later may be from a different batch and may not be an exact color match.


We provide a free bottle of PPF Panel Prep with each purchase. This is an optional but highly recommended step to wipe down the panel and let it evaporate right before laying. This soapy solution will enhance the air release properties of the film and give you the smoothest lay.


Keep the material tight on the roll and cut the next piece as you need it, and then re-tighten the roll. Do NOT pre-cut all the panels and roll them up like vinyl, the backing will separate and cause blemishes.

Hyper PPF is laid just like regular vinyl. Do NOT use tack reducer with Hyper PPF. It is a low-tack pressure sensitive adhesive and tack reducer will make it difficult to stick. As with any low-tack media, it is important to ensure you have squeegeed with ample pressure and released all trapped air. Hold tension and give air an outlet to escape. Any trapped air is at risk to expand when heated by the sun, causing bubbling.

Hyper PPF has a rubbery/stretchy feel and is very conformable but that does not mean it should be overstretched. For best practice, always attempt to lay with the minimum amount of tension possible.

Long Term Care

View our Care Instructions page for information about how to maintain your PPF wrap. If you are installing for a client, please share that link with them.