Shipping Notification

Big things are happening! We're moving to a better facility, producing more swatch books, and running our largest inventory production of the year.

This will impact shipping times for special orders! If we do not have a color already stocked in Huntington Beach and the order is placed after February 1 it will not ship until around February 19. This does not affect carbon fiber, piano black, or piano black PPF partial cuts. For orders placed after February 16, please allow a few days past February 19 for us to catch up to the backlog of shipments.

You will know if your order is a special order affected by this if the only shipping option is “Standard Shipping”. If you see other shipping options such as 2-Day and Next Day, even if you don’t choose them, your order will ship next business day.

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Here’s How It Works:
  • Day 1 of the Pause: Be the earliest bird! Place your order on Feb 5 and enjoy an incredible $100 OFF your purchase. It's the biggest discount we've ever offered, making it the perfect time to buy!

  • Each Day After: The discount gradually decreases, but don’t worry, you’ll still snag a great deal. By the final day of our shipping pause, you can still enjoy a generous $50 OFF.

Each day brings a different level of discount, so the sooner you order, the more you save. Don't let the clock run out on these once-in-a-pause deals.